We have enjoyed introducing new developments and making improvements to Tattershall Lakes.

We have constantly enjoyed introducing new developments and making improvements to Tattershall Lakes since Away Resorts acquired the park in 2009. In that time there has been a new swimming pool, spa facility, gymnasium, outdoor entertainment area, lakeside beach, refurbished Propeller Bar, sports court, many new holiday home pitches plus numerous smaller or even unseen projects. Additionally, we have introduced exciting entertainment including Rock the Lakes, the Giant Cream Pie Fight, Bar in the Woods, Play, MyActive as well as visiting cabaret artistes. It’s been an exciting journey.

Central facilities expanded
As Tattershall Lakes has expanded over the past few years the pressure on the central facilities has become greater. We are pleased to confirm a large expansion of the existing Boathouse Bar which will be renamed ‘The Spitfire’ Bar & Diner. There will be 400 seats inside with an additional 80 outside. In the new scheme the diner will be removed, with food being served into the whole venue area, so more people can enjoy a bite to eat.

This new venue will enjoy comfort cooling and heating, state of the art video screens, booth seating areas, tiered spectator area and cleverly themed with a ‘semi-industrial’ aviation style. It will be an exciting venue.

The Propellor Bar on the first floor will be extended by way of a balcony offering external seating so you can soak up the sun on the long summer days.

Plan of the new venue at Tattershall Lakes
Enhanced shop with new Guest Services 

The office at the entrance of the park is no longer adequate to service the needs of all the various visitors to Tattershall Lakes. Part of the expansion scheme will include a new Guest Services area with considerably more parking.

The entrance to the venues will be configured to allow a larger, better quality shop as well as better access to the swimming pool, The Propellor Bar and The Spitfire Bar & Diner. For guests with disabilities or families with buggies for small children we are introducing an access lift to The Propellor Bar.

Artist impression of the new Guest Services at Tattershall Lakes

With all this being ready for Easter you can be sure of an amazing holiday this year at the wonderful Tattershall Lakes. We’ll be posting again soon with all the exciting activities we will be introducing for you to enjoy!