If you thought Zorbing was bonkers, you’ll no doubt think body Zorbing is in a league of its own.

If you thought Zorbing was bonkers, you’ll no doubt think body Zorbing is in a league of its own. For those of you who don’t know, Zorbing is essentially the “sport” of getting inside a giant bouncy ball and rolling down a hill, just for a laugh. However, with body Zorbing you are somewhat in control… while you can stand up, controlling your movement isn’t quite so simple.

The best thing about body Zorbing is that it can be used to play a number of other games, from football and running, to bulldog and tag. Some of these sports even have their own inflatable arenas to make the process extra challenging – and safe of course!

What exactly are body Zorbs?

Body Zorbs look like doughnuts – very large, fat doughnuts! You place the ball over your head and secure yourself with some shoulder straps. You can run, walk, waddle and roll to reach your destination – in most circumstances you don’t have much of a choice. Imagine a sumo suit that’s slightly easier to move around in.

Who on earth invented this crazy pastime?!

The “sport” of Zorbing has only just received widespread popularity over the last few years; however, it has been around since 1973. While the design of the ball is not exactly the same as it is today, the rules are identical. The original design was 23 metres high, contained two deck chairs and was created by a club called The Dangerous Sports Club. A decade later the hit television show Gladiators, used steel Zorb balls, prompting interest in a consumer grade design.

In 1994 the first Zorb was created by Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers. Their aim was to set up a worldwide franchise. While it never gained the traction they hoped, in 2006, under new management, their company started expanding overseas and manufacturing Zorbs for general consumers and entertainment parks… and the rest is history.

Is Zorbing really safe?

Of course! At all Away Resorts parks, safety is our number one concern. Zorbing is perfectly safe for both adults and children alike. It may look a little brutal at times, and we can’t promise that you won’t feel a little dizzy afterwards, but you have absolutely no need to worry. All of our Zorb balls are checked with close scrutiny to ensure they make the grade, and we always have on-site staff available during body Zorbing sessions to ensure everybody is playing by the rules.

How much does it cost?

Body Zorbing at Whitecliff Bay is available for just £4 per session. While both children and adults alike can take part, there is a minimum height requirement of 4.5 feet and the maximum weight restriction of 15 stone. You can book your place online via the Body Zorbing page or you can reserve your place on-site. While it can be cheaper to wait until you’re at the park itself, you will not be guaranteed a spot – and Zorbing is getting very popular!

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