There is so much to discover on the beautiful Isle of Wight!

The Isle of Wight is the perfect location to kick back and relax, but it also has a number of exciting local attractions just waiting to be explored!

From buildings of fascinating historical significance to roaring amusement parks, read on for some of our favourite local attractions that The Isle of Wight has to offer!

Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine is the UK’s oldest amusement park and is jam-packed with thrilling rides for all the family! Divided up into multiple themed lands of imagination, each land features its own unique attractions.

From ocean caves full of animatronic sea creatures to Blackgang Chine dinosaurs lurking about, there’s excitement around every corner at Blackgang Chine and a whole host of activities for every visitor!

Dinosaur Isle

Did you know that the Isle of Wight was once home to five species of dinosaur? There’s no better place to discover more about them than the Dinosaur Isle museum that’s jam-packed with fossils dating back millions of years!

Located inside a fun pterodactyl-shaped building just outside of Sandown, Dinosaur Isle is an attraction guaranteed to transport you back to the Jurassic era. It is even laid out like the original landscape of the island – when it was still home to many incredible dinosaur species!

Carisbrooke Castle

Looking for a fun day out that’s jam-packed with history? As an English Heritage site that’s defended the Isle of Wight from enemy invaders for almost 1000 years, Carisbrooke Castle is the perfect attraction for you.

Explore the castle’s walls and head into the Carisbrooke Castle Museum to see the fascinating location where Charles I was kept captive. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunities to meet the Castle’s famous donkeys and say a quick hello!

Isle of Wight Zoo

Situated on the stunning coastlines of the Isle of Wight, The Isle of Wight Zoo is a fascinating day out that has been entertaining guests for decades. Home to a wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects from across the globe, there’s plenty to explore at the Isle of Wight Zoo!

Alongside multiple opportunities for visitors to meet the attraction’s very special residents, the zoo also makes an effort to teach visitors how they can actively help to preserve our natural world.

Osbourne House Isle of Wight

Osbourne House

Looking to delve into the lives of the Royals? Well, as far as Royal love nests go, nowhere on earth quite compares to Osborne House. Standing proud with historical beauty, Osbourne House was Queen Victoria’s and HRH Prince Albert’s favourite holiday home; giving you a wondrous insight into the royals.

Home to two exciting playgrounds that are perfect to explore after a day of learning about how the Royals lived, Osbourne House even has a café and gift shop on site too.

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