Your instruction booklets

Please see our list of instruction booklets to help you with your stay. If a product isn’t working as it should or appears faulty, please contact us on guest services or leave feedback via the app.


Having trouble with your boiler? Not sure what that error code means?


It’s there if you’d like to use it – but we’ll always clean up after you.


Please see our list if hot tub do’s and don’t’s to ensure your enjoyment and safety.

Useful tips

Important things we’d like you to read


Your WiFi code will be on your keyring and on a chalk display. Check out our tips to connect to WiFi if you’re having trouble.


If your lights trip, you will find the trip box in the main bedroom. If this does not work, then please contact reception.


Should you at any point run out of gas during your stay, please contact either reception or security. We will then arrange to replace your gas for you.

Gas Cooker

If your cooker rings are not lighting and you have a glass hood, please make sure that the glass hood is fully pushed up to allow the gas flow. If this does not fix it, please contact us in reception.

Gas Fire

To light your fire, press and turn the gas flow switch to low. When you do so, the ignition should spark and the gas fire should light. Once lit, release the switch and turn the fire to the required temperature.

Oven and Grill

To light the oven or gill, open the door, and turn the gas flow switch to low. Push the gas switch in and press the ignition switch. The appliance should now be lit and the gas flowing freely. You can now turn the oven or grill to however hot you need it. If the oven does not have an ignition switch, please use matches to light.


Luxury and Superior caravan holiday homes will have additional heating. The heating controls will vary from caravan to caravan. Many will have a switch in each individual room and may be located on the heater or near the light switch. There may also be a boost box located in the lounge or the double bedroom which will turn the heating on for two to four hours. There will be a timer clock on the boiler where the pin needs to be set in the ‘on’ position with the radiator dial or icon showing ‘on’. There may also be a panel in the main bedroom with 2, 4 or 6 hour option that you will need to control.

Water Heater

If the pilot light is extinguished, contact reception for assistance.


  1. Check it is switched on at the mains. 2. Check the fridge isolations witch is on. 3. Do not set the thermostat too high, setting 3 is usually sufficient.

Please be aware that when you fill the fridge, your products will raise the temperature of the fridge and will therefore take longer to cool. Filling the fridge more than ¾ will prevent good air circulation preventing the fridge from cooling effectively.


  1. Check it is switched on at the mains. 2. Check the power cable is plugged into the set. 3. Check for an on/off switch at the back of the set.

If the remote is missing please note that you can operate the television using the buttons found either the side or on top of the TV.