Boston West granted planning permission for the largest development of its kind within the county

At a planning meeting yesterday, (July 28th), Councillors of Boston Borough Council’s Planning Committee voted in favour (with one absention) of the development, which will see 300 modern log cabins be citied on the first 9, the part of the course which has remained closed.

Over the coming weeks, directors and management of Boston West will be selecting lodges which will be installed on the site, and work will commence on the new and improved lakes as part of the site.

Pegasus Group director Richard Cook said: “From an economic perspective, the scheme is going to help support the growing tourism sector in Lincolnshire and it will also lead to increased visitor spend in Boston.

“This will help to generate new employment opportunities in the local area, which is very timely given the ongoing impacts of Covid-19. The pandemic also means that domestic tourism is likely to become more popular and the development of the caravan park will help Boston cater for this growing ‘staycation’ demand.

In a joint statement issued following the approval, Directors Alistair Arundell and Paul Wilkinson said: “We would like to thank Boston Borough Council’s Planning department who have worked incredibly hard, and the councillors for giving the green light for us to develop our luxury holiday park. We are so excited to be able to produce something special for our little town. We’ve been humbled by the support from the public and can’t wait to showcase such a lovely park. A new chapter opens and we can’t wait for you to write the book.

“If your interested in booking a holiday, or buying a holiday lodge, our website will be updated over the course of the next month.”