Enjoy our guide of big weekends on the Isle of Wight

When you think of a “big weekend”, what springs to mind? You might be thinking of music festivals or party weekends with friends. Alternatively, your big weekend might mean a weekend getaway with the entire family. Whatever it means to you, we have put together this small guide: “Big Weekends on the Isle of Wight” which will hopefully help you plan your next weekend away.

Music Weekend:
If you’re coming to check out the live music scene, you’re in for a treat on the Isle of Wight. One big weekend not to be missed will be Bestival, happening from September 10th to 13th at Robin Hill Country Park. When it comes to performance, live music and the arts, it doesn’t get much bigger a weekend than this. If that’s not in your time frame, then keep track of all upcoming live music events by checking out the Isle of Wight Gig Guide.

Outdoors Weekend:
There are broadly two types of “outdoors” weekend people enjoy – the active adrenalin-fueled kind, and the more quiet, relaxed kind. Fortunately the Isle of Wight is able to cater to both. Those in need of adventure should check out the amazing activities offered by Isle of Wight Adventure Activities. On offer there is kayaking, paddleboarding, coasteering and more. Browse the website and see how they can make your weekend truly big! Anyone wanting a bit more peace in the outdoors should head to the Botanic Garden in Ventnor. Protected from the cold northerly winds that sometimes creep upon the island, the garden enjoys its own “microclimate” and offers an unrivaled collection of subtropical plants to enjoy, as well as events and the simple enjoyment of beautiful surroundings.

Family Weekend:
There are many great family activities to choose from on the island, but the good users of TripAdvisor have named Monkey Haven in Newport as their absolute number one. This primate rescue centre can bring you, your family and different types of monkey closer together in an encounter that will bring lifelong happy holiday memories. You may only be away for a short weekend, but a visit to Monkey Haven is sure to make it one of the biggest and best weekends ever. If it’s animals of the past you’re interested in, then why not try Dinosaur Isle? It’s a purpose-built dinosaur museum open daily from 10am to 6pm. Did you know that what is now the Isle of Wight was a dino home before? After you pay a visit to this incredible family attraction, you’ll certainly know more!

Indoors Weekend:
If your weekend away is scuppered by a spate of bad weather, you can always make your summer weekend big by taking part in the many great activities going on right here at Whitecliff Bay! Browse our site to get the best accommodation deals and get your big Isle of Wight holiday weekend going.