In late June, an event captures the imagination of intrepid adventurers - the Three Peaks Yacht Race

In late June, there is an event that captures the imagination of intrepid adventurers from the world over – the Three Peaks Yacht Race. If you’re staying with us at Barmouth Bay around June 27th, then you could be witness to the beginnings of this absolutely incredible event that takes participants to the very peak (no pun intended) of human endurance and endeavour. Setting sail from Barmouth on June 27th, participating teams of 5 will sail to Fort William, Scotland, stopping at Caernarfon and Whitehaven on the way where they will climb Snowdon and Scafell Pike respectively. Finally, the ultimate grueling test is a race to the top of the UK’s highest peak, Ben Nevis.

No, you are not misreading this. The Three Peaks Yacht Race takes each team on a sailing excursion that demands all their skill and cunning, avoiding such potential hazards as whirlpools, swells, difficult shorelines and confounding navigational difficulties. Besides that, at each stop two of the team members will disembark to proceed on foot to the three highest peaks in Britain (except in England, where bikes are initially permitted to get to the mountain). Can you imagine the level of fitness, experience and skill needed to complete the race? Well, since its opening in 1977, the event has attracted teams from the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Norway, Australia — the list goes on. It has even inspired similar events in Hong Kong and Australia.

The history of the event goes back to Barmouth climber and sailor, H. W Tilman (known locally as just Bill). Bill’s doctor, Rob Haworth, was captivated by stories of his adventures, such as the time in his early 30s when he cycled across Africa! After hearing the stories, Haworth created his own adventure – the “mini-Tilman.” This trip was the basis of the Three Peaks Race as we know it now. A local committee was formed to discuss formalizing the rules on both entry and execution into this truly amazing race.

Entry for the 2015 event is in fact still open, so if you think you can spend several days on the open waters, sailing the 389 miles, climbing the 11,000 feet on land, and walking/running the 73 miles necessary to finish, then click the link above and sign up! Alternatively, you could book a June break with us at Barmouth Bay and witness the beginning of this historic and world-famous event. Watching a small flotilla of yachts embark on the journey of courage and valour might only sound like something you’d only read about in a Tolkien novel, but on June 27th in Barmouth, you can see it for real! Book your next stay with us now!