My tail-wagging experience at Tattershall Lakes in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside!

Hello there, four-legged friends and hoomans alike! I’m a happy-go-lucky pup called Blossom (@blossoms.big.adventure on Insta), and I’m here to share my tail-wagging experience at Tattershall Lakes in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. So, sit back, relax, and let me take you on our journey through my eyes (and nose!). 

As soon as we hit the open road, I knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. The wind was rushing through my fur, and the scent of excitement filled the air. My tail couldn’t stop wagging, and I just couldn’t contain my joy. You know what I’m talking about, right fellow doggos? The excitement of an adventure! 

We arrived at Tattershall Lakes, and oh boy, what a sight! The place was a dream come true for a canine explorer like me. Wide-open spaces, lush green grass, and sparkling lakes that beckoned me to jump right in! But of course, hoomans had other plans first. We settled into our homely Manhattan themed TriBeCa accommodation located in TriBeCa Village. It had a hot tub for the humans to dunk in and a comfy living area where I could lounge and enjoy the views. A doggo’s gotta have some chill time too, you know. I made sure to inspect every nook and cranny, ensuring it was up to my high doggo standards, which of course it was. 

Once we were all settled in, it was time to explore!  

We took a short car trip to Skegness Beach where I splashed in the water, chased after my Away Resorts tennis ball (from the Very Important Pooches welcome goody bag), and even rolled around in the sand like a goofy pup. My hoomans laughed and joined in the fun too cheering me on as I zoomed through the waves. Ah, the feeling of freedom and joy is truly indescribable. 

On our return I trotted along the lake’s edge, leaving pawprints, and met other friendly doggos along the way to Bar 49, a trendy spot that offered “puppachinos” – a dog-friendly treat that had my taste buds dancing with joy! The creamy goodness was simply irresistible. My humans then surprised me with a pedalo ride on the serene lake. I must admit, I was a bit unsure about getting on a boat at first, but with their reassuring pats and encouraging words, I hopped in. The gentle rocking of the water was oddly soothing, and I felt like a sailor pup exploring uncharted waters. 

In the evening, after all the playtime and adventures, we headed to dog friendly gem, The Spitfire, the onsite restaurant which is pup friendly, (the sniffs were insane!). As soon as we walked in, the friendly waiters greeted us warmly and even offered me a refreshing bowl of water. While my humans enjoyed their scrumptious meals, I had a special dog menu to choose from. I picked the mouth-watering Jude’s Ice Cream. It was tail-waggingly good! Dining here made me feel like a true VIP (Very Important Pooch).  

As the sun set, my humans decided to check out the Giggling Goose, an over 18’s gin and cocktail bar on park with over 100 delicious gins to choose from! While they savoured their fancy drinks and shared laughter, I couldn’t help but doze off, dreaming about all the amazing adventures we had ahead of us during our visit to Tattershall Lakes.  

My hoomans shared stories under the starlit sky in their hot tub once back at their exclusive Tribeca accommodation while I snoozed on the king-sized bed on my new embroidered Away Resorts blanket which came in my Exclusive Doggy Bag.  

Final thoughts before more sniffs… 

So, my furry friends, if you’re ever looking for a retreat, head to Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire. It’s a place where the adventures never end. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Tattershall Lakes is a paradise for pups and hoomans alike. It’s a place where we can bond, explore, and create precious memories together. The natural beauty, the friendly atmosphere, and the feeling of freedom made this trip truly unforgettable. I wonder what tomorrow will bring… 

Until next time, keep exploring, one paw at a time! Woof!  

With love and slobbery kisses, your furry adventurer – Blossom who loves Tattershall Lakes…