The Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre gives you a taste of life as a local trawlerman.

The life of a fisherman is a life of hardship, passion and determination. Often considered one of the toughest jobs in the word, the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre aims to give you a taste of what it was like for the local trawlermen as they earned their keep out on the deep blue sea. The museum takes you back 60 years to when the port was at its peak, attracting thousands of fishermen and traders from all over the world.

This family friendly heritage site is designed to replicate the sights, sounds and smells of the original 1950’s port, and was even curated with the help of local residents who were there in the glory days. The expertly crafted displays have been recreated using many of the original designs, fixtures, fittings and materials from the boats that once docked in the area.

The Ross Tiger

The Ross Tiger diesel trawler is believed to be the oldest in existence in the United Kingdom. She has been housed at the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre for the last 20 years and attracts thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world each year. Guided tours are offered from former trawlermen who not only know the vessel inside out, but have a deep routed passion for the ship.

The Gift Shop

If you’re looking for a memorable souvenir or gift, the Bonded Stores on-site shop has a vast collection of nautically-themed items that will remind you of your visit. Also connected is the Gallery Cafe, which has a number of homemade meals, pastries, coffees and teas, all sourced from local suppliers.

Admission Prices

The Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre costs £6 for adults, £2 for children and £4 for students. Family tickets are also available for £12 (two adults and up to five children). The recurring exhibitions hosted in The Muriel Barker are free to enter and cover two floors, as is the Gallery Cafe, which regularly exhibits the work of local artists.

Fishing in Lincolnshire

If you find yourself inspired by the museum and want to give fishing a try for yourself, you’re in luck. Lincolnshire is home to many fisheries and has well-stocked rivers and lakes filled with a vast array of different species. Popular rivers include Witham, Steeping, Great Eau and Glenn, most of which have large quantities of bream, rudd, carp, pike and zander.

Bain Valley Fisheries

Bain Vallery Fisheries is one of the most popular fishing hotspots in the county. It is located in Tattershell Thorpe in rural Lincolnshire and boasts seven man-made lakes, some of which are up to 11 feet deep. Each lake is stocked with a variety of fish, including common carp, tench, rudd and roach. Day tickets cost £6, while night fishing (24 hours) costs £20.

Whether you want to go out fishing yourself or simply marvel at the fascinating history, Lincolnshire has plenty to offer. With countless fisheries scattered around the county, and the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre right on your doorstep, it truly is an angling paradise. We also offer fishing at our Tattershall Lakes Holiday Park. Explore our Lincolnshire accommodation and book your holiday with us today.