The Packing Essentials for Pooches

Taking man’s best friend with you on your holidays can be a delight.

Your pooch will always be excited and enthusiastic about any trip out. And a dog can keep the kids entertained, giving you some much needed time off for important tasks like talking to another adult or reaching for a glass of wine.

But hols with dogs can occasionally get a little messy. Here are our top tips to ensure that everything goes with a wag.

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Collar and ID – So people know who to call if they go missing
  • Lead – obvious but easy to forget while you’re carrying everything to the car
  • Bedding – a familiar smell will keep them calm and happy
  • Towels – to take down to the beach with you
  • Dog food – familiarity will again keep them calm and relaxed
  • Food bowl – so they don’t have to eat off the floor
  • Travelling water bowl – panting causes them to lose large amounts of water, so keep them hydrated in the car
  • Poo bags – so you don’t get caught by any strict ‘no fouling’ fines.
  • Stain remover – for any little accidents
  • Kitchen roll – to help with the above
  • Torch – for dark evening walks in new places
  • Brush – if you’re heading to the sea the saltwater can matt long fur quite quickly

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