Meet our Customers – Mandy Sumner

These guys don’t just visit one year and come back the next, they come back time and time again – year after year after year! As a result, they just become part of the family and we love to see them arriving. Why do they keep coming back? Well, we will let you read on and find out for yourself…

Meet our Customers – Mandy Sumner

Mandy Sumner

Mandy has been coming to holiday to Golden Sands for a very long time and she comes at least once a year. Mandy knows every member of staff who has worked at the Park, and always has the best time when she is here.

We asked Mandy a few questions about her holidays at Golden Sands Holiday Park:

How long have you been coming to Golden Sands Holiday Park?

I have been coming here for 23 years. My Mum and Dad brought me here for the first time when I was one years old and ever since I come every year. I love it!!

What do you like about Golden Sands?

I love everything, from the staff to everyone else I meet when I am on holiday.

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re on holiday?

When I come to Golden Sands I like to go and see everyone that works here and say hello. I also like to go to the club. I like to relax, chill out and just have a good time.

Who is your favourite member of the entertainment team and what show do you like most?

I don’t have a favourite as I love all the entertainment team. The show I like most is ‘Rock & Hale Bale’, although I do like to watch all the other shows that the team put together, they are great.

When you come on holiday, what area of the park do you like to stay?

I have stayed on every part of the park and like it all. I do like to stay in the lodges with the hot tubs as they are very nice and relaxing.

Would you like to own a caravan here, if so why?

Yes, I would love to have a caravan of my own here at Golden Sands Holiday Park as then I can come and go when I want. This is the best holiday park ever!

Thanks Mandy, we love having you here and really look forward to many more visits in the future.