Family holidays offer a chance to teach and educate our children.

It’s often been said that family holidays offer a chance to teach and educate our children, and a traditional camping break has always been one of the most popular holiday choices, now a recent study seems to uphold the view that camping in the great outdoors has a host of excellent benefits.

The Institute of Education at Plymouth University and the Camping and Caravanning Club have conducted a study on education and camping, parents and children around the UK were asked a series of questions which looked at educational, psychological and social benefits of camping to children of all ages.

The study discovered that more than 4 out of 5 parents thought camping had a positive effect on their children’s school education, it showed 98% of parents thought camping made their kids appreciate and connect with nature; whilst 95% said their kids were happier when camping; and 93% felt that it provided useful skills for later life.

15% of parents reported that escaping technology (laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc) was a good thing for their children and one of the benefits of camping. A fifth said camping gave their kids freedom, independence and confidence; and more than two thirds (68%) felt camping helped their children to enjoy learning in the classroom, because they can share their camping adventures and experiences such as visiting exciting educational or historical sites.

Sue Waite, the associate professor at Plymouth Institute of Education who led the study, says; “Interestingly, the parents surveyed believed camping supported the key curriculum subjects of geography, history and science and actually, that stacks up, because the most common camping activities were natural, like rock pooling and nature walks, where children are getting to understand ecosystems and identify lifeforms, respecting nature and the environment.”

The children who took part in the research were asked what they love about camping and the most common themes were making and meeting new friends, having fun, playing outside and learning various camping skills. Children also recognised camping’s value for curriculum subjects and for problem solving and working together.

This research seems to suggest, what we at Away Resorts already knew, that camping can offer your children the very best holiday experience, whilst learning about themselves and the world around them, which sounds like the perfect way to spend some quality family time, so don’t waste any time, dig out your tent, grab the sleeping bags and enjoy a fabulous summer under canvas!