Most people think of the beach as an ideal place to spend the day.

Most people think of the beach as an ideal place to spend the day. There’s plenty to do, and you can be as relaxed or as active as you like. Here’s a little selection of some things we suggest taking down to the beach to help you get the most from your day!

Beach towel: An essential element of anyone’s beach visit, useful to dry off after a swim in the sea, and equally as useful to lay on as you soak up the sun!

Flip flops: There’s nothing worse than doing the ‘hot sand dance’ as you run across a boiling beach, this convenient foot wear is easy to clean and there’s a wealth of choice from a style point of view!

Sun screen: More a necessity than a luxury, but everyone should go to the beach prepared, even on cooler days the Sun can be deceptively strong and Sunburn is no fun!

Football: If you’re a fan of a bit more action and can round up a few friends, a kick-about on the beach is a great way to keep active, have fun and make the most of the fresh air! Alternatively use the ball in the water and challenge your mates to a game of volleyball!

Picnic: Obviously it’s always wise to take plenty of water, in fact it’s another essential, and if you can avoid kicking sand in your picnic hamper there is no better place to enjoy your lunch than by sitting on the beach, watching the waves lap the shore.

A good book: If the excitement of the day gets too much and you want to just sit back and unwind, spend the afternoon with a good read, see how quickly the day drifts by as you get engrossed in the latest blockbuster!

Swim wear: Probably the most obvious thing you’ll need, whether you love to swim, snorkel, body surf or just paddle, bringing your swimming costumes is a must!

Radio/IPod: Music is the ideal companion on the beach, the perfect way to chill out and relax as you listen to your favourite tunes!

Blanket: For laying on whilst soaking up some rays, and rather conveniently, very handy to huddle under as it gets a little cooler and you watch the glorious Sun set!

Baby powder: This may seem like a strange thing to take to the beach, but it’s great for removing sand from your feet at the end of your day!