It may seem obvious to hear that you can enjoy unforgettable walking holidays in Snowdonia.

It may seem obvious to hear that you can enjoy unforgettable walking holidays in Snowdonia, but did you really know just how easy it is? It’s especially easy if you stay with us here at Barmouth Bay. It’s already too late to join the annual Autumn Walking Weekend, which happens in September, but never fear, the routes are still open! Here are some of the local walking highlights;

Panorama Walk:

In the world of family scenic walks, this is a real Barmouth classic. In fact, it has been enjoyed by visitors and locals since Victorian times. The lower slopes of the route taking your around the estuary were once home to a café and rest stops, but now are being reclaimed by the native woodland. After all, what’s a better sight? When you push on to the top of the ridge, you get stunning views of the whole area, and can really take in the great beauty of Barmouth.

Dinas Oleu:

Starting from the middle of town, the basic rule of thumb when it comes to enjoying the Dinas Oleu route is to keep heading “up”. The steep streets and steps take you through delightful rows of old houses and cottages, along magnificent terraces and through what is now know simply as Barmouth’s “Old Town”. At the end of your charming walk you will come to Dinas Oleu (Fort of Light), which holds a commanding view of the Mawddach Estuary and Cardigan Bay – a tremendous reward for a period of very uphill walking!

The Wales Coast Path – Barmouth to Tywyn

Barmouth is fortunate to be located on the relatively new “Wales Coast Path”. The Barmouth to Tywyn route starts by taking you over the town’s famous bridge, before heading west along the seashore to the miniature Fairbourne Railway, and then south to Fairbourne itself. After that, it crosses the Cambrian Coast Railway, and then heads uphill to the east, arriving just north of the Blue Lake. Finally, it turns east again before heading south west, passing standing stones and hut circles and down into Llwyngwril. From there you can enjoy more breathtaking views over Cardigan Bay towards Barmouth and the Llyn Peninsula.

That should be enough to get you started on your fantastic walking weekend in Barmouth. There are dozens more routes you can explore, and you can also get up further north into Snowdonia if you wish, even getting as far up to conquer the park’s namesake –Snowdon!