Enjoy a great family weekend or half-term getaway right here on Hayling Island.

Yes, the summer holidays are finished, the kids are back to school already and it seems that the idea of “taking a break” has to be put on hold until Christmas comes along. Of course, this is nonsense! There’s still time to enjoy a great family weekend or half-term getaway right here on Hayling Island, and here are some great ideas of things to do when you’re here!

Explore the Family Fun on Hayling Island:

A small island we may be, but Hayling is jam-packed with awesome family-friendly activities to get stuck into. First of all, there’s the firm favourite of Funland! This theme park offers thrills and spills for all, and is probably one of the most fun-filled amusement park days out you’ll ever have. Don’t forget to ride the Extreme for a real white-knuckle, head spinning experience. Before Funland, you can ride the Hayling Billy Trail. This easy-going, 5-mile bike trail runs up the west coast of the island, and takes in some of the best sea views and coastal scenery of the entire place. Starting by heading up north, and then coming back southwards towards West Town, the home of Funland!

Pop Over to Portsmouth:

This iconic maritime city is awash with national heritage and fun places of interest. As a key base that launched the epic D-Day landings of 1944 (something we like to celebrate here at Mill Rythe), its seafaring traditions are legendary:

The Portsmouth City Museum:

A great place to start, especially if it’s your first time to Portsmouth. The museum will give you a comprehensive and informative introduction to the city, and you may be on time to catch some great events in their annual calendar. The museum itself will wow you with its castle-like appearance, its turrets and pointed roofs. Inside, you’ll see a fantastic presentation of how life in Portsmouth has changed over the years. This is a must see.

Blue Reef Aquarium:

Another great way (and possibly more engaging way for kids) to experience the city’s oceanic culture. The Blue Reef Aquarium houses stingrays, sharks, otters, tropical fish, crabs, lobsters, reptiles, amphibians and much more. As a seaside and port town itself, Portsmouth has a natural and profound connection to all things aquatic and maritime.

Get Out to the Surrounding Country:

Fortunately, we on Hayling Island are the lucky neighbours of the South Downs, one of the most stunning regions of the whole country, and home to the South Downs Way – a 100-mile walking/cycling/riding route that runs from Winchester right through to Eastbourne.

The area is certainly one of amazing natural beauty, and offers great scope for family outdoor activities. Sometimes the best time can be spent just doing the simplest of things, like taking a stroll in the country with the family.

Don’t forget that we always have great family entertainment, food and drink right here at Mill Rythe, and so you don’t have to stray too far in order to have a great break with plenty to do for everyone. Head over to our Mill Rythe family breaks section now and organize your next weekend or half-term break with us at Mill Rythe Holiday Village.