Tattershall Lakes welcomed Jurassic explorers to Dino World...

Tattershall Lakes welcomed Jurassic explorers to Dino World earlier this summer. Saturday saw a huge host of Dino-related shows and activities. Right in the heart of Dino World was the Dinosaur Arena, every hour another Jurassic beast was paraded around by their trainer. This gave guests the perfect photo opportunity (if they were brave enough to approach the magnificent beasts).

There were experiences for the whole family running throughout the day so even the more popular attractions were available to all in attendance.

10:00 – The day began with the closest thing to a friendly dinosaur…the Triceratops. This herbivore was marched around the Dinosaur Arena as guests were encouraged to interact and take photos. A number of lucky guests were then invited onto the stage to play fun party involving the Triceratops.


10:30 – The guests were first introduced to what might be the cutest thing to ever grace the Tattershall Lake grounds. The baby dinosaur! This was sat up on stage with a safari ranger for the first helping of story-time adventures.


11:00 – A change of pace from the smallest creature on show to the largest, the monstrous T-Rex was unleashed on the guests. Luckily for all in attendance it happened to be on its best behaviour and was more than happy to use its teeth for smiling for a selfie rather than having an early lunchtime snack.


11:30 – The Comedy Cavemen took to the stage. This pair of nutty Neanderthals were out in their caveman car, complete with stone age music and sound effects, pulling prehistoric pranks and causing some cavemen chaos!

12:00 – The guests were doing their best Chris Pratt impression as the next prehistoric creature ran out – the Raptor! Once again, the beast was on its best behaviour and was very friendly allowing everyone to snap a picture and even pet him.


The activities in the Dinosaur Arena repeated throughout the day with each one bringing something a little bit different from the last. The rest of the park was filled with a wide range of fun and interesting activities from the Dino Dig to the Ranger Training Camp.

The Ranger Training Camp gave guests a chance to find out how to control the wild dinosaurs. Luckily everyone passed and no one ended up being dinosaur food. Next door was the Dino Basecamp, this contained a mini-museum of genuine and replica dinosaur fossils. The highlight was an Allosaurus skull with big, scary teeth and a large, genuine Triceratops leg bone. Guests could also search for real fossils in sand trays.

The Dino 360ᵒ Dome, located lakeside on the Amphitheatre, allowed for a completely immersive 40-minute show, allowing adults and kids to truly feel as though they were part of the Dino World that once existed on Earth all those years ago!

We took our new for 2019 activity to the extreme for Dino Weekend, offering a 10-minute Virtual Reality Dinosaur Experience in the Dino Den.

With such great feedback from this year’s event, Away Resorts has decided to roll Dino World out across a number of its parks. So keep an eye out on the website and be sure to book early to avoid missing out!

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