Cleaning up the Beach – inspiration from a younger generation

This is Hannah, her family own a Holiday Home at Golden Sands Holiday Park and they are regular visitors to the site, who love to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Whilst playing on the beach with her cousin and brother, Hannah noticed that there was a lot of rubbish scattered around and felt that she had to pick it up. So she started collecting plastic bottles, cans and various other litter that had been left by visitors to the beach. When she was doing this, other children started asking what she was doing and some of them then joined in with the spontaneous clean-up.

We found this so inspiring, that a younger generation cared about our environment enough to voluntarily clean up other people’s rubbish, in order to preserve the area so that others could enjoy their surroundings.

We spoke to Hannah about her clean-up operation and she has said that she feels bad for sea creatures and other animals who may be in danger, due to all the rubbish that gets thrown, instead of putting it in the bin. She also said that it makes her feel good and happy to do something good for the environment and while she was picking up the rubbish, other children came over and asked what she was doing and they decided to help also.

Hannah and her family have said they will be doing this again and hopefully will entice other people to join in and help keep our beach clean & tidy.

We are so proud to have Hannah at our Park. What an inspiring young lady who is setting a good example for people of all ages with her amazing goodwill. Well done Hannah! In order to show our appreciation, we have awarded Hannah a meal Voucher for our Sandpiper Restaurant.

Hannah has inspired us as a Park to look at our own processes and see how we can reduce waste going forward.

Hannah Image 2

Park Manager, Laurie Clark said:

“As a team will try and help out with keeping the beach clean on a regular basis. We are keen to do our bit for the environment and are also looking at ways in which we can adapt -such as going paperless, reducing overall waste, better recycling etc.”

We would urge you all to be more like Hannah – set an example and lead the way. Please do not litter on the beach, it has such a big impact on sea life, wildlife and on the beauty and enjoyment for other people.