Our new TV advert proves the only thing we don’t take seriously is ourselves

Today sees the launch of our first major TV advertising campaign. But as a commercial for a British holiday, it’s almost unrecognisable. No classic images of a family frolicking in the sea, no clichéd close-ups of a glass of wine with a sunset in the background. Why not? Because at Away Resorts we do things differently.

The past 18 months have certainly kept us on our toes. Yes, it has been immensely challenging, but the outlook for our sector is positive and it gives us an excuse (not that we needed one!) to champion UK holidays and of course, holiday parks. With much uncertainty still surrounding overseas and foreign travel, demand for domestic holidays has skyrocketed.

The statistics speak for themselves. 38% of customers in 2021 told us it’s their first time visiting a holiday park.* What’s more, 75% of guests were new to the Away Resorts brand.* But with all that demand – from new and different customers – comes responsibility.

At Away Resorts we want to give our guests experiences that are a bit different, it’s our passion. As the TV advert goes, we believe we have “Something for Everyone.” Over the past 13 years, we have built up a family of over 20 holiday parks in England and Wales. At our core, we want every guest to feel part of our family and very much at home.

Everyone has their own unique preference for what makes a perfect break. From Beachcomber in Cleethorpes right down to St Ives Bay, our holiday parks cater for those who love to keep busy, for families who want to rock and for those who prefer quieter spaces to relax. One of the many joys of our holidays parks is that they are all quite different, and at the same time so special.

So, you won’t see stereotypical British holiday images in our advert. What you will see is people doing yoga and selfies, unwinding in a bath or a hot tub, with families rocking to music while kids dance on sofas – because that’s the reality of the Away Resorts experience. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we certainly take our customers seriously, every single one of them. We do that because our mission is really quite simple: love people. That’s it, and that’s what we do.

Ultimately the pandemic means we are welcoming a vast range of new holidaymakers to our parks, and we have to be able to cater to those differing needs and expectations. Our job is to provide an amazing service, along with experiences they won’t forget, so those customers return again and again.

So, when we say, “something for everyone,” we really mean it. And that includes the dog, because they’re part of the family too.

Carl Castledine, CEO.

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