A holiday home is good for you… it’s official!

We’re celebrating our 13th birthday at Away Resorts this week, and now more than ever our mental health and physical wellbeing is crucial.

Some of the things we perhaps once took for granted (hands up if that’s you too!) haven’t been as easy this past year, especially things we had looked forward to the most.

Simpler pleasures and a greater awareness of our mental and physical health suddenly seem to matter more too. Our ‘down time’ and time seeing our loved ones is so important for our wellbeing, as is getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It’s fair to say we all deserve a break right now, once these more challenging times are starting to fade away and places can re-open again. Imagine having your own holiday home and that freedom to get away to feel good whenever you fancy…

Here are our top 13 reasons why investing in a holiday home for your leisure lifestyle (and sharing it with your loved ones if you want to!) will increase your wellbeing, health and happiness.

7 Benefits of Owning a Holiday Home

1) The many health benefits of blowing the cobwebs away

Whether you’re dipping your toes into a pool, soaking up the sun on a beach, or enjoying a meal alfresco style as a ‘treat out’, you’ll get a wonderful mental boost from fresh air and getting away.

Fresh air increases the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier! All our lovely parks are based in stunning locations, just perfect for saying goodbye to pollution and traffic, and hello to relaxing getaways whenever you want. A sea breeze really can blow away the blues, and did you know it can also blow away allergies!

2) Your very own holiday home will help you and your family be more active

It’s fairly well known that exercise can give you a mental health boost! A walk around any of our lovely parks around the lakes, across the beach, or getting off park and exploring the new local area will do wonders for your mental health, mood and general wellbeing.

If you’d like to get more active whilst visiting your home from home, why not hike a bike or join in on our park activities, our parks have got something for all ages, from playgrounds to high ropes courses, to our adult-only swimming.

Got a four-legged friend? All our parks are dog-friendly for as many walkies as they want!

3) A home away from home will give you lots of things to look forward to

Owning a holiday home gives you more freedom and more getaways all year round! And once we are out of these more challenging times it’s important to have time away planned in your diary to give you something to be able to really look forward to!

Did you know that trip planning alone helps boosts happiness! And the more you can enjoy your holiday home and new lifestyle, the less likely you are to experience burnout, daily stresses and mental and physical health problems.

4) A holiday home will improve your sleep quality

Not only do getaways make you feel better, but they also help you to manage stress, which in hand improves sleep patterns. Taking that time away at your home from home gives you plenty of rest and relaxation. Some people struggle to get a good night’s sleep when they are busy at home or at work, with lots of things on their mind. When you can get away from everyday stresses and spend time at your holiday home, you can leave some of those worries behind, have a clearer mind, and focus on some ‘you time’.

What’s even better is it’s not only your sleep and stress levels your holiday home will help, if you invite your family and friends too, they’ll be going home feeling recharged as well.

5) A holiday home will boost your confidence and make new lasting friendships

As a bonus that comes with your new lifestyle from owning a holiday home, you’ll meet interesting and new people on any of our lovely parks. Whether that’s the new neighbours, other like-minded owners you’ve met at our many fun, exclusive owners events, or our lovely team who will make you feel like we are all one big family at Away Resorts.

Many of our owners have made friends for life, meeting new people from different cultures and stepping outside your usual comfort zone will help you to look at the world in a different way. Absorbing exciting new experiences with your family or new friends will also boost your confidence!

6) Getting close to nature makes you feel better emotionally

All our parks are in stunning locations and close to nature, whether that’s days filled by the beautiful lakes and wildlife at Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire, or afternoons of forest enchantment in the New Forest at Sandy Balls, our locations will soothe your soul.

Being closer to nature contributes to our physical and emotional wellbeing, and can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Simply sitting and relaxing in your holiday home and absorbing the beauties of your chosen Away Resorts park will give you a boost. Also, we strongly believe our environment inspires everyone (no matter what age), to get up and active in the fresh air! Making the benefits of owning your own holiday home soar.

7) A holiday home is a really good way to get more Vitamin D (and Vitamin Sea!)

The benefits of Vitamin D are really important. Nowadays we are all more aware to factor up on sun cream when spending time in the sunshine and fresh air, and a holiday home gives us a greater chance to increase our exposure to Vitamin D, enabling us to take many more trips away whenever we want!

Vitamin D decreases our chances of suffering from hypertension, depression and a whole range of other health problems. So being free to visit your home away from home often, is truly better for our wellbeing than going away once or twice a year.

8) Your new leisure lifestyle investment will help strengthen your relationships

Time spent away with a partner or family members is perfect for reconnection. Getting away together helps you all bond in ways that transcend the usual ‘how was your day?’ discussions!

Our parks cater for all ages to be able to have fun together and experience new things, new local areas, and meet new like-minded friends too. All these things make you and them (whether that’s your spouse, children or even grandparents) feel happier! A holiday home really releases the ‘happy hormone’, oxytocin and creates many family memories to last a lifetime.

9) Having your own holiday home will improve your performance at work

Say what? I know you’re thinking how can being out of office help my performance at work. Well, it’s proven a holiday home to getaway to whenever you like decreases burnout.

The human body requires downtime, if you take regular time to relax and getaway, you’ll be less stressed, making you more creative and productive when you come back! Recharging your batteries improves mental alertness.

10) Owning a holiday home inspires you in new ways

Exploring a new area might be just what you need to discover different and break away from your usual routine. Staying in the same environment and seeing the same faces all the time often doesn’t inspire us.

Our parks offer you a chance to escape whenever you fancy, with many new and exciting activities and places to explore on and around the park. You could even come back from one of our many exclusive owner events with a brand-new favourite hobby!

11) Getting away helps to fights colds and infections

Getting away from it all (especially when we can again this year!) truly does help your body recharge and relax to help keep your body healthy. It’s proven that continual stress can cause all sorts of health issues, including lowering your immune system and being more likely to catch colds and illnesses.

Now more than ever, it’s so important to take care of our wellbeing and stay healthy. So, when we can get away again, we should all embrace it, and really catch up on rest and relaxation. A holiday home is just the perfect recipe for feeling better, chilling out, and getting out in the fresh air as much as you like!

12) Buying a holiday home will help with that all-important work-life balance

Having the chance to escape everyday life and visit your own holiday home whenever you want will fix your work-life balance in a jiffy! A home away from home is the perfect excuse to get away more often and ensure you aren’t compromising on important time with loved ones.

Being an Away Resorts holiday home owner you’ll get freedom to come and go as you please, and make your new holiday home work around you and anything else in your life that is important to you.

13) A holiday home is an investment in your leisure lifestyle

And finally, we think your biggest investment should be in you, your lifestyle and wellbeing. After all, we only live once.

A holiday home increases your wellbeing, mentally and physically. Breaks away offer countless opportunities to new experiences and getting out and about in nature and exploring your new local area. All these things are great for our health and happiness.

When you, your family and friends (believe us you will have a lot of friends desperate to enjoy your holiday home!) it’s a great idea to let it out to help offset some of the running costs. Here at Away Resorts we offer a hassle free managed letting scheme to help with this. So, you can sit back and relax when you are not enjoying your holiday home and know this is in safe hands, earning you some money towards your costs. We feel that’s a win win!

For more information on subletting and the kind of return you could expect back, please click here.