We sat down with the Nicholson family who shared their experiences of holiday home ownership.

We could tell you why we think owning a holiday home at one of our parks is a great idea, but we thought you’d rather hear from someone who has actually bought one. So we asked the Nicholson family – Katherine & Lee, and their children Sonny, 11, & Lilly, 9, to share their real experience of holiday home ownership. They own a caravan at Tattershall Lakes and kindly agreed to be photographed and interviewed.

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Q: How long have you owned a holiday home with Away Resorts?

This is our first year.

Q: Have you owned a holiday home before?

Yes we have, but this is the first time with Away Resorts.

Q: What attracted you to Tattershall Lakes?

Friends of ours own a holiday home a Tattershall Lakes and we used to visit them most weekends We realised they were having such a good time and there were so many activities for the kids that we decided to buy our own holiday home.

Target Archery at Tattershall Lakes

Q: How often do you come to use your holiday home?

Every weekend, all through the school holidays, in fact, whenever we’ve got the chance, we come down!

Q: Do you rent it out?

Yes, we have done, but just to family and friends during this first season.

Now it’s been a year since we bought our holiday home we are beginning to consider other opportunities to rent it out to help offset the annual running costs.

Q: What are the best things about owning a holiday home at Tattershall Lakes?

The amount of activities we can do together as a family, all the things the kids can do, the new Merlin Complex, you can eat on site, enjoy entertainment at night… It’s non-stop morning to night.

The Nicholson Family - Holiday Home Owners at Tattershall Lakes

Q: What do the kids like best?

Lilly: I like the aqua park, and the swimming pool. (Mum says Lilly’s swimming is coming along really well because she swims every week). Sonny: I like going to the football courts and playing with my friends.

Q: Do you have a favourite holiday memory?

Lots! Every weekend is a different memory, it’s all good fun, so each and every week is a new memory. Lilly says “It’s our second home”. Mum and Dad add: Everything we need is here in the holiday home so we really only need to bring a bit of food. Our clothes are already stored here ready to go so holidays are easy.

Q: Do you have to do a lot of upkeep and maintenance?

There is nothing really as owners that we need to do. There are maintenance guys on hand who take care of everything. We’re fortunate to have a little bit of a garden so we keep that nice and tidy.

"It's our second home" Lilly Nicholson aged 9

The Nicholson Family - Holiday Home Owners at Tattershall Lakes

Q: What’s your favourite thing to eat at the restaurant?

Sonny: Pizza!
Parents: All-day breakfast.
Lilly: Jacket potato with cheese and beans

Q: What are you favourite facilities?
The massive playground, massive park, football court, riding our bikes, scooters going to the splash park, and using our roller skates.

Q: What would you say to anyone considering owning a holiday home?
It’s all about quality family time. It’s a bit of relief from work – it’s nice to know you can come after work on a Friday within an hour and you’re on holiday. It’s like a holiday every weekend. It’s fun, we love it!

The Nicholson Family - Holiday Home Owners at Tattershall Lakes

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