For the Isle of Wight, cod is the centrepiece of the British Cod Championships

The humble cod – it’s safe to say that the vast majority of people in Britain today are very aware of the significance of this white fish. It, along with its brothers Haddock and Plaice, has graced our fish and chip trays for countless decades, and is a firm favourite for both young and old. For the Isle of Wight, cod also has a significance as the centrepiece for the West Wight Charter Skippers Association (WWCSA) British Cod Championships, which this year are being held on November 18 and 19.

Participants will set off from Lymington, with the last boat leaving at 08:30am. Fishing will commence from 10:00am, and finish at 3:00pm, with cash prizes available for heaviest cod, and the most number of fish caught by a participating boat/team. If you wish to take part, you can find the entry form here, and can also see more about the WWCSA at their own official website.

A more striking detail of the competition, however, is its proximity to one of the island’s premier tourist attractions – The Needles. These three distinctive chalk stacks are named not particularly for their own shape, but for the shape of the fourth Needle – Lot’s Wife – that collapsed in stormy weather in the 18th Century. You can take one of the popular boat trips from Alum Bay to see The Needles closer up, including the famous Needles Lighthouse. The area was featured in a 2005 documentary, “Seven Natural Wonders” and they are certainly viewed that way by all who come to see them.

We enjoy a pleasant climate down here on the Isle of Wight, when compared to many areas of the UK. Having said that, winter is closing in, and October and early November could be your only chance to enjoy some mild weather before the inevitability of the colder months arrives. Boat trips and the great outdoors are always best enjoyed outside of winter! Take a look at our offers page and book your trip today, whilst it’s still relatively warm.