Here are seven reasons why people but caravan holiday homes

Since the 1880’s and the first horse-drawn caravans we Brits have had something of a love affair with caravans of all sorts, although more recently static caravan holiday homes have become more popular than ever. It’s a really uniquely British experience.

In the majority of countries, the dream of owning a holiday home remains just that. A dream. But all around the UK people of all backgrounds and notably of all financial means, can enjoy the pleasures of a holiday home because caravans are really affordable and incredibly cool.

So why do people buy static caravan holiday homes? Here are 7 reasons as to why.


1. Health Benefits

Ever really thought about why we crave holidays? Most likely it’s the benefits to your mind and body that creates that desire. Recent surveys suggest that people on holiday (versus people that stay at home) have a much better ability to resist and recover from stress, they get better sleep and in some instances blood pressure reduces.

So why does this happen? Simply, we live better. Better diet, more exercise, laughter, social stimulation, relaxation and sleep. And with the whole family getting in on the action it can improve family well-being too.

Instead of waiting months between holidays, owning your own holiday home means you can getaway whenever and as often as you like.


2. Affordability

With the price of bricks and mortar rising ever faster, static caravans are an alternative that offers incredible value. The new rules around Stamp Duty and buy to let properties do not apply to holiday homes, so bricks and mortar holiday homes look set to increase in value even quicker as property investors move to this type investment to save on Tax.

At Away Resorts our average price of a static caravan is around £25,000, but they start from around £10,000. Of course not everyone has that kind of money hanging around, although our research indicates that around 80% of all buyers use finance (which we can help you with) to fund their purchase.

On top of purchasing your holiday home we reckon that you’ll need to budget around £450 per month to cover your annual running costs. Lots of our holiday home owners let their caravans (often using our easy managed letting scheme) to holidaymakers, and the income this generates really does help to cover some (or occasionally all) of the running costs.

When you add up the price of a couple of expensive family holidays versus the cost of owning a holiday home, you can really start to see the value in owning one.

Being affordable and having flexible funding options makes caravan holiday home ownership very attractive and not just to the wealthy.


3. Flexibility

Life seems increasingly hectic and if your are working parents, the ridiculously overbearing legislation that prevents children being taken out of school in term time makes booking a holiday both complex and more than likely costly.

Many parks open most or all of the year so you have so plenty of opportunities to getaway from everything and relax in your very own holiday home. Hop in the car and within a couple of hours you’re on holiday. No airport parking, no check in, no security checks, no rushing to the gate to get the best seats and no struggling to find space for you cabin luggage.

Many of our holiday home owners use their caravan just about every weekend and take longer breaks when the schools have broken up. No airport hassle and holidays galore. Perfect.


4. Holiday Parks Rock!

I have been in holiday parks pretty much all of my working life, my Dad has just retired from it after 45 years and my Grandad worked in it for 20 years before he retired. After all this time I still can’t describe how brilliant holiday parks are, there’s just so much to do.

I could write about everything but to save you the words, just take a look at these pictures from our parks…



Dottie Photography

If pictures paint a thousand words, there’s 37,000 words that help you get a sense of why holiday parks rock. As a static caravan owner you get most of this included in your annual fees and every bit of it is on your doorstep. If you bought bricks and mortar, you would definitely need a car to get to brilliant activities that on a holiday park are just a few metres from your door.


5. Discover new experiences

If you do want to venture further afield, you’ll soon find out that holiday parks are are often surrounded by many attractions that are steeped with fun, excitement, history and culture. From Roman villas to roller-coasters, museums to markets and everything in between.

There’s an incredible array of things for you to do, no matter what your budget is and regardless of the weather, there will always be something to do, see or eat!


6. Dogs can come too

Our dog is an absolute legend and whenever my good lady Cathy and I go away, he and his partner in crime Milly, are often the first thing we consider when looking for somewhere to stay. It can be quite a challenge to find a place at times. We are a nation of dog lovers and whilst not all holiday parks permit them, ours definitely do.

Unless they are misbehaved or on the dangerous dogs register, all your family is included when you own a holiday home, especially the four legged ones!


7. Caravans ain’t what they used to be

It still amazes me how many ‘caravan snobs’ there are! Caravans are simply the most amazing use of space and certainly are not the cold, draughty places people seem to imagine. If you are one of the ‘snobs’ then you really do need to think again! Go to a holiday park that sells holiday homes and have a look, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

So there we have it, 7 reasons why people buy and love holiday homes. Let’s recap on them…there are health benefits, they’re affordable, you have flexibility, holiday parks rock, amazing experiences are on your doorstep, dogs can come too and caravans are awesome!

What are you waiting for?