Our Recent Survey Has Found That 45% of Brits Plan To Be Away From Home This Christmas

Our Recent Survey Has Found That 45% of Brits Plan To Be Away From Home This Christmas

Christmas can be such a busy time of year you may find yourself wishing you were back in the office. From buying all the presents to arranging to see everyone, you often go to work in January in need of a good holiday.

As we are one of few holiday home operators to remain open over the festive period, we decided to survey the general public regarding their plans over Christmas.

We found that 45% plan to be either on a short break or at their own holiday home between December 24th 2018 to 1st January 2019.

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Staycations Are The Go-to Getaway

Of those who will be away from home, 73% will be taking their break in the UK, suggesting the staycation is a popular choice for festive getaways.

Of the same data set, only 13% said they would be heading abroad to warmer climates, while 8% said they would be at their own holiday home abroad and 6% would be making use of their holiday home in the UK.

What Are The Top Reasons For People Going Away During This Period?

Our survey found that the majority, (24%) said “it’s the only chance they I get to go away”. This was followed by the second largest majority at 18% saying they go away to “make use of our/my holiday home”. Here’s a full break down of the reasons why:

  • It’s the only chance I get to go away – 24%
  • Make use of our/my holiday home – 18%
  • I got a good deal – 16%
  • To avoid the busy season – 15%
  • Prefer Christmas away from the home – 11%
  • I dislike Christmas – 8%
  • Head to warmer climates – 7%

We’re not surprised people like to use the festive period as an opportunity to get away or make use of their holiday homes. We see 90% occupancy of our holiday accommodation, with 70% of our holiday homes occupied too.

Five Reasons To Go Away

Instead of worrying about the prefect turkey this year, why not take a break and treat yourself to a low-key Christmas? With plenty of resorts across the UK, you don’t even need to travel far to find yourself a stress-free Christmas.

Although you may try to persuade yourself that you must stay to do the housework, this could be your only change to get away. So, here are the top five reasons to take a holiday this Christmas.

It’s Your Only Chance

The year has gone by in a flash and with so many things going on it’s likely you haven’t had a chance to have a break. Over the festive season many businesses will be closed and the majority of workers are away from the office, so that important email you need to send won’t be answered until January anyway.

Nearly half (24%) say Christmas is the only time they can get away and if you have the option why not?

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You Have a Holiday Home

Do you own a holiday home? If so this is the perfect time to use it. From watching classic movies on TV to cuddling up in front of the fire, you have spent money investing in the property and you want to enjoy it.

There’s a Good Deal

Have you seen a fantastic offer that is just too good to miss? Go for it and have a change of scene this winter. 17% end up going away at Christmas due to slashed prizes, so you don’t want to regret missing out.

You Want To Avoid The Busy Season

Christmas can be chaos; especially for those who live in a big city. Every time you go outside the streets are filled and you can’t get away from the noise. This is when a holiday park is the perfect place for you and, so you can finally get some quiet time this December.

Christmas Market

Do You Prefer Christmas Away?

Some people just prefer to go away as it fills the holiday with ease. Complete with a broad range of events, entertainment is already arranged and Christmas can be taken out of your hands. Kate Watts, Holiday Home Sales Marketing Manager for Away Resorts, says:

“Our holiday accommodation over the festive period is at 90% occupancy at our Tattershall Lakes Park in Lincolnshire and Sandy Balls in the New Forest as we have a lot of fun things happening including Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve parties.”

If the festive season has got you considering purchasing a holiday home, take a look at our caravans for sale Isle of Wight where you’ll find a range to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

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